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being “bikini ready” is a total myth

swimsuit for curvy fit

by society’s standards, it would take me months of pilates classes, wheat grass shots, & every beauty treatment imaginable just shy of an actual face lift to get that smoke-show bod. this body is lived in, worn, been through trauma & birthed life. this body rocks. so many battle wounds & so much to be proud of.

i say ditch the insecurities, because confidence is a choice & find a suit that you feel like a million in this year. for me that’s full booty coverage, the highest waist i can find, & a scoop bikini top. i do large on bottoms & large or xl on top. check out this year’s favorites, HERE!

five ways to feel more confident in a swimsuit

  1. wear whatever the heck you want. no seriously. being “bikini-ready” is a total myth. the only things necessary for having a “bikini body” are as follows: a bikini and a body. That’s it.
  2. pick a swimsuit that’s comfy & makes you feel like a million. honestly nothing else matters. small breasts don’t require extra padding, and a curvy stomach doesn’t mean a one piece. focus on what kind of swimsuit will put your confidence through the roof. pick out cuts & colors that you love, try on everything in sight, & then splurge a little on the bathing suit you know you’re meant to wear.
  3. de-bloating can help. just saying its a thing. essentialezymes-4 are a summertime must. TRUST ME ON THIS ONE. also lots & lots of water will help.
  4. accessorize. pick out the cutest sunnies. this alone will take your confidence up a notch. target & hm have some stellar picks.
  5. a little primping goes a long way. ya’ll already know how i feel about laser hair removal. wax, shave, moisturize, & hone in on a solid skincare routine to make your skin glow. DO NOT SKIP on the cbd beauty boost. we’re going for glazed like a donut.

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