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seven ways i never pay full price

ways i never pay full price

saving money & finding a good deal isn’t just about couponing anymore. i’ve actually never clipped coupons, although i know that was super popular amongst my mom & her pals back when i was growing up. with how fast the digital world has advanced, you no longer need to grab a paper & clip at night after your kids go to bed.

praise be for the digital world and stellar store apps, that make saving so easy & at the click of a button.

plus with how fast trends move & how quickly my kids grow out of clothes, i’ve made it my mission to save dollars every which way i can.

with that, these have become my tips & tricks on how i maximize my dollar & never pay full price.

shop clearance

as time consuming as it can be, the gems i find here are stellar. my skill in this department has grown. i can do a once over, typically before i start digging around, to see if they might have anything good. your time here is not wasted, trust me!

wait for things to go on sale OR simply ask when its going on sale

THEY ALWAYS DO! this is the cycle of retail. what doesn’t sell, as seasons change & new inventory comes in, price reductions happen. find something you love, but just can’t justify the spend. wait and see OR simply ask. 9/10 they’ll usually tell you when an item might be going on sale.

ask for a discount or a price match

listen, i know it sounds crazy or even scary, but its amazing what will happen if you simply ASK. there have been countless times where is saw something on sale, didn’t pull the trigger & when i went back for said item it was no longer marked down. as bummed as i was, i simply asked if they would honor the sale price that i had seen the week before and BOOM, done & done. the worst that will happen is they say no, but remember retailers want to keep customers happy & they want you to keep shopping with them.

price matching is a pretty standard thing, most stores will advertise that they do this. for me, i typically do all my price matching at Target, because i get my additional 5% off. it’s also one of the main places i shop. but if i see something on amazon or at anther retailer and its cheaper than the price target has listed, i’ll ask for a price match at checkout, they typically honor it & then i still get my additional 5% off. stacks & stacks on savings!

price match to the online price. again this is something to be mindful of. see something online and its less expensive than the in-store price, ask if they’ll honor the online price for you. easy peasy.

shop around

i do some, but not a ton. mostly when i’m not in a rush to snag something & have the time to look around & see my options. a simple google search or amazon search to see if you can find what you’re looking for at another retailer for less.

always check for coupons or promo codes

can we all agree that we get five thousand promotional emails a day? yeah, same! as bombarding & overwhelming as it can be to have these bits flooding your inbox, the promotions tab is your BFF. a quick once over every few days might land you a killer deal. they typically have a link to the sale or a barcode for you to scan in store or apply at checkout if you’re shopping online.

p.s. if you’re not using Target Circle coupons, you’re doing it all wrong. seriously, get the target app & scan away.

enroll in loyalty rewards programs or subscribe

i know, i know, i know… NOT ANOTHER SUBSCRIPTION. but trust me, some of them truly have your best interest in mind. my fam saves SO much money & earns tons of free product simply because we’ve enrolled in loyalty programs with some of our favorite brands.

here are a few of our favorites:

  • free people up
  • target red card/ circle coupons
  • thrive market
  • butcher box
  • little poppy co.
  • young living’s subscribe to save

abandon your online shopping cart

i saved the best for last. THIS IS THE MOVE & here’s how it works. doing some late night online shopping, find a few things you love but they’re not on sale, buuttt you really want them? add to cart & leave. yup, just leave the items in your cart for 24-48 hours & an email will most likely pop up within a few days, “oops looks like you left something in your cart”, offering a sweet deal (coupon or discount) incentivizing you to check out. works like a charm! be blessed by that!

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