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product recommendations are my love language. truly takes the overwhelm out of it for me. so this year, from one mom to another mom, i’m sharing things i would actually want to receive for Mother’s Day. most of these things i own, use, & love myself… but i did include a few that are on my own wishlist – don’t mind me, i’ll be sending this blog post to my own husband. lol! here’s a round up of some of my favorites for the special women in your life

BOP AROUND ROMPER – the name alone sold me on this one. it comes in several different colors, i own the blue. when wearing it it looks like a cutie spring summer dress, but is actually a romper. fits oversized and is so comfy!

HYDRATING LIP SERUM – feels like butter. they’re not sticky & apply so smoothly. i’ve tried many & these are at the top of my list.

CRINKLE STRIPE LONGLINE PLUNGE – absolutely obsessed with this top. i love the ribbed look and the deep v is so flattering. i got the matching bottoms as well & am wearing a medium in both.

MALENE ONYX HEART NECKLACE – this is an absolutely splurge, but omg timeless. a piece you will pass down for generations. pairs perfectly with your other dainty pieces.

CLOUD NINE BOXER – listen this trend is all the rage and for good reason. they can be dressed up or dressed down. wear them during the day or to bed. these are a soft stellar pair to start with. & the best part, these are not super short. the perfect length and so so soft.

HIGH RISE MIDI JEAN SHORT – for the thick thigh girlies. this pair is a play on the Levi 80’s mom shorts, but way less expensive. ya’ll went nuts over these when i shared them online.

MIDNIGHT PULLOVER – the literal softest crewneck that will ever touch your body. feels like absolute butter, but so thick and the best part.. reversible.

CLEAN SKIN CLUB BOX W/ FACE TOWELS – you will not understand the hype, until you do. i started using these and have noticed a change in my skin already. also bonus – you’re not getting makeup stains on your hand towels.

SQUASH BLOSSOM – yeehaw! these have become staples in my boot lineup. the color goes with everything and they are thick calf friendly. definitely my most worn.

GREEN SYNERGY ELIXIR – these might actually change your life. there are a ton of green powders on the market but this isn’t just a full serving of fruits & veggies. it has pre + probiotics, filled with digestive enzymes that help break down your food, a vegan collagen builder that actually helps your body produce MORE of it’s natural collagen & also contains hyaluronic acid, biotin, & vitamin C. it helps debloat, aids in regular bowl movements AND boosts metabolism and your digestive system — it also tastes so so yummy! everything you need to know here.

AMAYA HEART NECKLACE – listen, hearts are in & i’m here for it. love this dainty heart necklace & it layers perfectly with your chunky necklaces.

CAVIAR COWBOY HAT – throwing this one in, because it’s hella cute! and well, i’m leaning heavy into my city cowgirl so this felt fitting. comes in multiple colors too.

BEAUTIFUL AIR FRYER – we use it every single day. and this one is so aesthetic. frosty white & gold.. yes please.

ESSENTIALMEAL – the creamiest, most delicious protein you ever did drink. layering this in has absolutely kickstarted my metabolism. it’s gluten free and vegan (super hard to find), 24g of protein, made with avocado oil, no seed oils, packed with vitamins and minerals = so basically immune boosting, & tastes like a vanilla milk shake. also if you count macros, this formulation is the most perfect combination of carbs, fats, & protein. learn more here.

ZIGGY SHORTALLS – such a classic denim short overalls. they are the perfect, worn in, oversized fit. plus come in so many washes. an absolute summer closet staple.

AMAZON SUNNIES – as someone who both breaks and misplaces her sunnies, this pair is the move. a high quality look for less. & such good quality. i’ve owned several & you will love.

POPPY CHOKER – the piece i never take off. it absolutely pairs with every other necklace i won. its delicate and timeless & honestly so so elegant looking.

RESURFACING PADS – an absolute game changer for your skin, guaranteed. designed to improve the appearance of dark spots, fine lines and skin luminosity. in addition to skin-smoothing, these nightly resurfacing AHA pads help optimize the absorption of products that follow as well.

FP BARREL JEANS – while still somewhat controversial lol jk, i’m telling you, these are so so good. & so dang flattering. i have them in this light pinkish and cropped and love love. also if you’re into layering – these layer so well with boxer shorts.

RAPID EGG COOKER – it’s on my wishlist. i’ve been getting really into hardboiled eggs and well i just feel like this would make my life a little simpler. as someone who’s not into home appliances, it’s kind of a big deal this made this year’s lineup.

ENERGY FIZZ – the afternoon pick me up you didn’t know you needed, but now you do. fizz is natural, good, clean, sustainable energy that’s plant based, made from ginseng, guarana, & green tea. it’s packed full of B vitamins, 55mg of caffeine but only 2 grams of sugar, so all the good without the crash! also supports healthy blood sugar levels & helps metabolize carbs, fats, proteins. the full scope here.

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