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2023 holiday gift guide

i don’t know about you, but product recommendations are like my love language. truly takes the overwhelm out of it for me. so this year i’m sharing things we have, use, & love. as well as things that have been highly recommended by close friends that i’m excited to put on my own Christmas wish list. here’s a round up of some of my favorites – for the home, for her, for him, for the kids, beauty faves, & healthy habits. fyi, i kept it really basic this year, mostly bc we’re constantly inundated with buy buy buy. so i hope this sparks some inspo for you. enjoy!!!

AIR FRYER – not sure why i waited so long on this, but holy toledo we are obsessed. & this one is beautifully stunning, 6qt with a touch activated display. fancy shmancy. comes in so many different colors and best part, can be purchased at Walmart.

TWINKLING LIGHTS – wanting the viral home depot tree, but just cant justify the spend? these $3 twinkling lights are the move. get the same look, for far less.

POOP BINGO – lots of laughs guaranteed. my boys were cackling when i gave this to them. made for a fun filled family night. we all sat around the table & learned what all different types of poop looks like.

ULTRA HIGH RISE 90s STRAIGHT – the best jeans. period. they come in so many different wash options & length options. curvy or regular. such high quality. can’t recommend enough.

ESSENTIAL EASY TEE – because a basic white tee is a non-negotiable. a closet staple. this one is buttery soft, love the length & goes with every outfit.

FP QUILTED CARRYALL – this is on my wish list. i’ve had my eye on this bag for a while. would be great for travel. could be dressed up or down. & comes in so many different colors.

LONG-LINE CARDIGAN COAT – it’s giving trench coat but thinner & lighter. perfect to layer over a chunky sweater. comes in a a few colors. i’ve worn over sweats or dressed up.

ESSENTIAL JOGGER – dan wears these all winter long. around the house or to go out. they are both cozy and classy. again lots of color options.

CHICAGO BEARS GRAPHIC CREW SWEATSHIRT – this crewneck comes in so many different team options and looks very vintage, which i think is super cool. i know dan is gonna love this one.

CREATE YOUR OWN REEL VIEWER – Ah, nostalgia. give yourself a double dose with this grown-up, just-for-you version of one of childhood’s greatest gadgets: the reel viewer. assemble snapshots of your favorite memories and add them to your very own reel using the redemption code included with your viewer.

KID’S HEADPHONES – these are both basic & affordable. we got each of our kids a pair, all different colors and they love them.

KID’S HELMET – the cutest shape & comes in the cutest colors. safe and easy to put on & take off. all three of my kids have this one.

AMAZON FIRE KID’S TABLET – oakie got this from his grandparents for his birthday this year and loves it. we love it too. we can control what goes on, what he plays and watches. we’re considering them for our other kids too.

STAR WARS LEGO SET – our boys are obsessed with anything they can put together from kinex, to legos, to magnatiles. i promised Bennett i would get him a Big Kid lego set & i think i’m going to get him this one or something similar.

YOTO PLAYER – there is not a day that goes by that our kids aren’t reaching for this. no internet required. listen to audio books, music, or even customize your own Yoto Cards with your own voice. take it in the car or on your next trip.

DISNEY PRINCESS PINK TEA SET – there’s nothing more royal than afternoon tea with Disney’s Princess characters, and this miniature tea set lets kids invite dolls and stuffed animals to the occasion. i added this to Tilly’s wishlist. even comes in a charming carrying case.

BABY DOLL CAR SEAT – i gave this to Tilly for her bday & she is obsessed. we got her the stroller last christmas & knew i wanted her to have the matching carrier. watching her carry her baby around is the sweetest. plus she takes the whole kit n caboodle in the car with her now & it’s presh.

EYE JELLIES – gold colored eye masks with caffeine. fake the illusion of a full night’s sleep. These cooling, soothing undereye mask patches deliver a surge of hydration that revitalizes tired- and puffy-looking eyes in a flash so you can face the day. pro tip i keep them in my fridge, giving ice roller vibes.

SUMMER FRIDAYS LIP BUTTER – trust me on this one. i’m obsessed and love to layer with my favie lip oils. current obsession is the color Poppy.

DERMRESULTS STARTER REGIMEN – healthy-looking, glowing skin is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with this collection. powered by ingredients like Vitamin C and Niacinamide help address the look of early signs of aging for glowing, youthful-looking skin.

LIP OIL – think of these oil-based serums as self-care for your lips. designed to hydrate, deliver a plumper-looking pout, & serve up mega-watt shine, these ultra-sheer, vegan serums act as both a lip gloss and lip balm.

GREEN SYNERGY ELIXIR – your green gut glow on the go! this 3 in one supplement has radically change my skin – completely clearing up my eczema. 16 super food fruit & veggies (all the nutrients we are absolutely not getting in our diet), then you’ve got a skin elixir – biotin, collagen, vitamin C, & hyaluronic acid. plus gut health – prebiotic, probiotic, & digestive enzymes. all wrapped in one packed that is so refreshing & citrus flavored.

ESSENTIALMEAL – the GOAT! for the girls who hate or just simply do not prioritize brekky. it’s gluten free and vegan (super hard to find) 24g of protein and made with avocado oil, no seed oils. packed with vitamins and minerals, so basically immune boosting. tastes like a vanilla milkshake. enjoy!

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